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5 Tips on how to live your best life right now!

Figuring out how to navigate life right now can be exhausting. The past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions - one day you are up and the next you are down. First, give yourself grace if you’re not feeling your best right now, we are still in a pandemic. Full honesty both me and my clients are still experiencing the pandemic rollercoaster- huge ups and huge down. That’s why I’ve pulled together my favorite tips to living your best life today!

These tips will help you gain clarity, increase your daily joy and help you live life to the fullest. So grab a pen, a piece of paper or notebook and jot down these 5 tips that work for me!

  1. Do one thing a day that brings you joy

It’s scientifically proven that smiling and laughing every day decreases stress, improves your immune system, reduces pain and promotes positivity in your life. All of which improves your overall mood.

Here’s a fun activity: take another piece of paper, write down all the things that make you smile, the things that spark joy, that make you laugh. There isn’t a set number. Just write down whatever comes to mind, brain dump your ‘happy’ onto a piece of paper.

One rule - no work, save those items for your weekly action lists.

Surprise! You now have a list of items to choose from each day. Your own list of joy!

  1. Reduce your screen time

Since March 2020 we have increased our screen time a ton. We are using our computers more than ever these days between work, happy hours, events, workouts and the list goes on.

I know it’s hard to close the screen and shut down but I recommend setting a hard stop for your daily screen time. This will benefit you in more ways than you think.

I recommend powering down the electronics about 2 hours before going to bed - this includes the TV and phone. Use those 2 hours before bed to decompress.

You can meditate, read a book, journal, draw, or do crossword puzzles before bed instead of ‘doom scrolling.’ It helps promote better sleep and sets you up for optimal performance the next day.

Last pro tip about screen time - invest into blue light glasses. I love the company Diff Eyewear, a cheap and cheerful brand!

  1. Be kind to yourself

Let me repeat: give yourself grace. Lean into your feelings, compliment yourself often and rewire the thought process of perfect. Perfect does not exist, sorry it doesn’t.

Being imperfect is freedom to grow, change and ultimately succeed.

If you need a pick-me up, write yourself a few affirmation Post-Its and hang them around the house. Choose positive words about yourself and your journey.

Here are some examples: “I am beautiful, I am smart” or “You are smart and deserve the best out of life”.

Seeing positive words every day helps to rewire limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering beliefs.

  1. Go for a daily walk

Whether you live in a big city, the suburbs or in the mountains - take time to be outside. I recommend that my clients take at least an hour walk each day to be outdoors and have a breath of fresh air.

Being in the fresh air and sunlight helps to improve your overall quality of life. It’s also a great way to get exercise that isn’t a structured workout class. It’s also another great break from the screen and daily grind.

  1. Mid day dance break

Ever feel the midday slump? That 3PM groggy feeling? I have the solution.

Skip the coffee, turn on your favorite song (the higher the energy the better) and shake your booty!

Sitting in a chair all day tightens the body up so get off that chair and move! I guarantee your energy will increase - just try it.

You’ll instantly have a smile on your face and your whole body will loosen up like magic.

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