• Billy Lyons

Buying into the idea of Death (and Co.)

There are some quirks about me I really can’t explain. Like my obsession with beanies and denim brands from Japan. Anybody else casually comb Self Edge’s Warehouse section looking for deals on Sugarcane Jeans? Just me then.

Also, I know how to pick winners when it comes to investments, particularly in the hospitality space. Now, I’m no Keith Gill and I’m not here to sell you on GameStop. My strategy is pretty simple: I invest in where the world is going, not where it’s been. I like electric cars, streaming services, solar energy, and fast casual brands that are investing in mobile ordering and drive throughs. And now, I’m high on Death & Co.

Death & Co., the legendary cocktail bar in Manhattan’s East Village, is more than a place to drink delicious cocktails. It’s an O.G. NYC cocktail bar that’s trained countless bartenders. Those bartenders then go on to open their own amazing places. If you’re a fan of football, think of it like the Bill Parcells coaching tree but for hospitality. Training here, you’re going to get a proper education, after which you’ll have the tools needed to branch out on your own.

The popularity of the brand along with good business decisions added locations in Denver and LA, along with an ecommerce site with merchandise like the James Beard award winning cocktail book Cocktail Codex and best seller Death & Co: Modern Cocktail Classics. They also consult on a variety of projects from hotels to restaurants and anything where a cocktail might be enjoyed. I could keep going but you get the sense already they pretty much crush everything they do. Also, in case it’s not clear, they are doing this in the HOSPITALITY industry where most businesses fail within their first year. Death & Co.’s NYC location has been in operation since New Years Eve 2007.

So what are they doing now? Searching for investors by way of SeedInvest for a second round of capital. The thought of a small business reaching out to the community for investors to me is a novel concept because it makes everyone accountable. Though it doesn’t give you the right to walk into the place and demand a free drink because you’re now an owner, it does make you part of an established brand that is well positioned within its industry. And let’s face it, owning a bar and cocktail R&D company that’s got a line of canned cocktails ready to drop any moment is an amazing dinner party icebreaker.

If you’re interested in investing in Death & Co.’s mini-IPO through SeedInvest, you can sign up here to be alerted when their second round of fundraising officially begins.

Welcome to life after the “death” of the hospitality industry everyone.

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