• Billy Lyons

Settling Down with Fried Shrimp & Slushies at LoLo's Seafood Shack

LoLo’s opened in 2014 under the guidance of owners Chef Raymond Mohan and Leticia “Skai” Young, and they’ve been crushing it for quite some time. So much so in fact that their owners are now opening a new spot on Broadway and 108th. If you don’t want to click on that link and just want a quick summary: let’s just say your Belizean food cravings are now answered.

Back to the restaurant that actually exists right now. What you’ll like about LoLo’s is that it’s a place made for sharing a meal and it’s casual vibe can’t be beat because quite frankly this pandemic has made me so over the pretentious bullshit that comes along with fine dining. What can order at LoLo’s to make that birds-eye table shot look pretty? You’ve got seafood boils and smoked meat trays, plus loaded shrimp & queso fries. If it’s a smaller party or solo dining situation, you’re gonna be fine here too. I’ll personally vouch for the jerk chick, durty rice, johnny cakes, and coconut shrimp, which was more than enough for two people to share and feel stuffed.

Though it’s hard to miss the crowds nearby with so many options right around the corner, including a line for Levain Bakery where yes you should absolutely snag a cookie before heading home, LoLo’s is that casual oceanside escape you’ve been looking for in order to escape the island we call Manhattan. It might not be the new kid on the block, but when it comes to tried, true, and cold backyard brews, LoLo’s needs to be high on your list.

LoLo’s Seafood Shack is LoCated at 303 West 116th Street. Despite the fact you might think it‘s a hidden gem, it’s well known, so you’ll definitely want to make a reservation for the backyard in advance here.

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