• Jess Sorentino

Working From Home's Effect On Fitness

The Pandemic Pivot To At Home Fitness

Needless to say, between studio closures and the WFH lifestyle that’s emerged from the dreaded COVID-19, at-home fitness has become the mainstream way to workout.

Were these online classes around pre-covid?

HELL YEAH they were… But now they are so much more prevalent and the quality of content has gone WAY up. The opportunity for trainers if they chose to Pandemic Pivot was very rewarding while charging as low as $5 a class but having an unlimited amount of attendees.

For those who need a comparison, it’s like selling a SaS product. You have one product and can sell it to an unlimited amount of people! How amazing is that?

Yet this is what’s so damn cool about the world we live in right now, you ready?

You can workout, flow through your vinyasa or meditate with people all around the world, live on appointment based fitness… and that is amazing!

Recommendations - Combine Z with programming from Greg James AND Bootcamp with Adrian Williams on the Peloton app

(pro tip: you don’t need a Peloton Bike or Treadmill to workout with Peloton - just subscribe to their app… you’re welcome!)

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