• Billy Lyons

Operation Falafel is just what the doctor ordered to deal with the pain that is Penn Station

If you’re like me and have been in NYC since the pandemic dropped, you’re looking forward to weekend getaways. Some of these trips might require you to leave the city from Penn Station or the new Moynihan Station (which is really just an extension of Penn Station but new names make for better branding) and you’re going to want to fill up before heading out to your track.

That’s where Operation Falafel comes in. A Dubai-based fast casual falafel sandwich chain that just opened its first US location in Chelsea (232 7th Avenue btw 23rd & 24th sts), it’s a delicious option for anyone who has dealt with the pain of trying to dine at Penn Station.

Real talk: my abilities as a writer/wrangler of influencers was once used to help promote a quick service $5 falafel spot in Manhattan’s Lower East Side (RIP Falafix). Though the restaurant didn’t last long, the memories sure have, and I’ve got to say a sandwich I never thought much of found a special place in my stomach. In my opinion, a good falafel sandwich is packaged neatly, comes served on soft, fluffy but sturdy pita, and isn’t overpowered by spice but tastes distinct. It’s not too dry and shouldn’t come floating in a sea of liquified hummus, and above all else it can be eaten on the go without falling apart with each successive bite.

Operation Falafel, you inserted a delicious falafel sandwich (okay a chicken shawerma pita too because it’s only sold in pairs) with no side effects, and I’ll absolutely be back for a post-op visit. What I love the most about this place is the pita pairs and how they come served neatly packaged in a box that tells a story but you can easily palm in your hand while texting your buddy to bring aboard some White Claw for the ride out to Montuak. Seriously, there’s hashtags and instructions and a pretty solid backstory in this packaging which includes everything except a mess, which you will appreciate if you’re running to catch your train.

Now that Operation Falafel has nailed their favorite menu item, its team can work on their next mission: Operation Post Menu on Website So Customers Can Find It. For now if you need to plan your order in advance, here’s a link to their Seamless account.

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