• Steve Clair

Peloton of Rowing: The Rise of CityRow GO

For those who know me, CityRow holds a special place in my heart (and legs and core and arms). Since they came on the scene nearly 8 years ago, CityRow has grown from a single 15th floor 20 person studio in Union Square to 9 locations around the country, but even more accessibly, in your home with CityRow Go!

The rowing surge headed by founder Helaine Knapp and program director Annie Mulgrew kickstarted my passion for group fitness.

Their unique workout uses a WaterRower: a machine propelled by a patented “water flywheel” that is designed to mimic the dynamics of a boat rowing through water. Intervals alternate on and off the rowers, with mat work including yoga, sculpting, and Pilates. CityRow eliminates the impact other high-cardio workouts put on your knees and joints.

Coupling an industry-leading, custom rower, the CityRow GO Machine by WaterRower, and the new CityRow GO iOS app, consumers will benefit from an elevated workout experience that allows them to seamlessly pair their rower and app to stream app content. CityRow GO's video content is overlaid with live workout data (viewed on iOS device or cast to a screen), and data is stored within the app, allowing consumers to set weekly goals, compete against personal records, and track progress with each class they take.

The CityRow GO app offers a variety of class formats, all taught by CityRow top NYC instructors. With new content uploaded daily, CityRow GO offers a class to fit every need - from 20 minutes to the standard 50, rowing only or dynamic rowing and high-intensity interval training classes - to deliver a powerful and fun workout.

Not just on the rower but off too. You'll be able to take yoga, pilates and also be lead through some good old fashion stretching!

If you made it this far and you're asking yourself... the answer is YES, I do own a CityRow rower in my apt!

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